ATB Led sreen show

Lumenstory sent the viewer to an incredible journey through time.
Our team has prepared a large-scale presentation for the 25th anniversary of the largest supermarket chain in Ukraine. The studio created the brand story from 1993 to 2018 in 3D. The intro began with three pine trees, which symbolized the three founders of ATB.
After that, our team looked into the future and created a new, futuristic ATB. Now everyone knows it by the black high-tech monolith, which the chain’s supermarkets are turning into throughout Ukraine. In addition to the black design, our 3D modelers have created the office of the future ATB with palm trees and a rooftop pool.
Lumenstory used four differently shaped screens for a deeper immersion. Two of them were standing under the corners and the studio’s video mapping content was designed according to the size, format, position and their rotation on the stage. Our crew took into account the details in such a way that it was impossible to notice such transitions.
Lumenstory VJs managed all content, scenes and mapping from the ILS-3Dm video server, which was fully adapted for the event.
At the celebration in honor of the 25th anniversary, prizes were awarded in 12 nominations. For each of them the art director, digital artists and programmers from Lumenstory crew did graphics, created a 3D environment to immerse them in the atmosphere of the nomination, and added a separate generative design to the project – graphics created as a program.
For maximum involvement in the action, the programmers from our team wrote a separate code that they used to process the generative design of the event in real time.