Biolink | EcoTest COVID-19

Lumenstory has employed digital technologies to show how one of the cutting-edge healthcare developments, EcoTest COVID-19 Antigen Pen, can ease the process of collecting biological samples for clinical analysis.

Instead of using a thousand words and complicated explanations, we utilized 3D product animation. Following the principles of clarity and concision, we created a short video tutorial on how to use the BioLink COVID-19 test.

The test looks like a pen. To make the product presentation more illustrative, we took the test apart into its components in the virtual space. 

The dynamics and the background of the animation added a touch of laconism to the product presentation. We created step-by-step instructions with a clear description of all necessary steps to get an accurate result. An animated character was included to show how easily one can use the test. The color concept was aligned with the Biolink color palette.

Interesting facts: according to the research, blue tones increase visual appeal of the video and help to emphasize the product value. Therefore, our choice of the blue color was not random.

To enhance the perception, we added music and sounds to each part of the animation: coughing, clicking, clanking etc. We made a suggestion on downloading the BioLink software for recording and displaying the obtained data with the ability to post the results.