Gen.Party Table 3d mapping

For sociologists, cultural scientists, researchers and other Internet users, Generation Z is the new generation, the youth of the millennium and “our everything” of tomorrow. But Generation Z may have a different, concise definition. It could be called Gen Z in honor of the birthday party. We showed young people in a new way on such an event.
The task was the next – to place the mapping on the festive table, the accommodation walls and to make the background behind the DJ. Minutes ran away from us, a low ceiling was pressing from above, and the small space of the banquet hall tried to finally crush our capabilities. We overcame all the shadows, time and architecture and won this battle.
As a result, the Code of Matrix was running through the plates and cutlery. It alternated with the spacecraft flying a course from the beginning to the end of the table. Finally, we looped the plot. The content changed, smoothly overlapping with each other. We showed the digital city of the future at Gen Z. The banquet hall was stylized for high technology, adding bright elements of symmetry to it.
The projection on the table was given by five projectors, which we “stitched” together to get a single image. Also, the Code of Matrix was running behind the DJ’s back and along the walls with the help of several more projectors. The entire array was managed from a single server. In addition, we were able to let the light flow in such a way that it did not to reflect on the dancing people or the interior.
Another element of the city of the future was the laser projection decoration in the form of complex geometric shapes on the walls. We know how to pierce space with lasers to give the impression that you are in the space age. We got this experience with the drummers show Rhythmmen.
In our opinion, the clear shape of laser geometric shapes is the style of youth with Gen Z. Nothing superfluous – the lines are clear, as well as the completeness of the forms. This is because the new generation is prone to minimalism and clarity in its practicality. We have shown this as clearly and simply as possible.
In this project, time couldn’t play against us. Mapping started at time and added to the celebration the same dynamics that people with Gen Z are exposed to.