Interactive media studio Lumenstory turns any surface into a canvas of visual 3D art for more than years. As a result, the open air installation “Identification”, which is known throughout Ukraine. We developed everything 0-100 – from concept and style to layout and ready-made visual solution, depicting it in a 360 ° panoramic render. During installation, the generative graphics technology made the exposure even more memorable. A responsible approach to the event turned the picturesque Petrikivs’ka painting into a real fountain of emotions and aesthetic pleasure. At the intersection of ethnic-art and modern technology, it becomes real to create a real visual miracle.

Installation of the installation is timed to the 5th anniversary of the inclusion of Petrikovskaya painting in the lists of cultural heritage of UNESCO. She demonstrates winter fairy-tale pictures with elements of Petrikov painting. You can see both original winter ornaments and traditional art elements.