Lifecell Smart Evolution

The history of Lifecell from the very beginning – 2005 to 2020. We have shown the brightest moments of the mobile operator development in this 15-year period. It started from DCC company transformations up to today’s global communications’ provider.
Our team has developed comprehensive content and mapping from 212 cubes measuring 0.7×0.7 meters. The presentation was watched by 800 people in a 1300 square meters room. We know how to create one-time large-scale installations, and to put them on stream then. We take into account the features of the exterior and interior by default.
Separately, we want to note the voice and its mesmerizing frequencies that we visualized.
The rich history of the company in personnel, the effect of presence and involvement in everything created by it – are two main points that we dealt with! But there was one more – the most important – it’s the feeling of FREEDOM. We have shown the will that Lifecell’s limitless communication possibilities give. We have opened up a space that can be felt, that can be touched by everyone!
There is the silence further, beyond the horizon. But Lifecell will overcome it too. The final with the skyscrapers of servers and the ball of the company logo is considered open.
We were able to achieve this effect thanks to our designers, who invented how to integrate light, sound and a projector for a presentation. And the technicians placed all the equipment as if it was always there. Each of those present felt like a part of a common, single organism that creates a mobile life.