When you’re looking for light, mapping, 3D production modeling, Lumenstory is at your service. Our crew is armed with all the skills described above. LigaBusinessInform faced directly with our masters of light, shadow and volume. The Liga Zakon AWARDS from the LIGA group took place in one of the Ukrainian “Hilton”.

We showed the event logo in the intro – a hexagon in which the letters L and Z are stylized integrated. The emblem of the award was changed to an hourglass. And they have already transformed into a dial, which was surrounded by the gears of the chronometer mechanism. The introduction spilled over into the “LIGA Zakon” screensaver in close-up. The award-winning companies appeared on the central screen then.

The crew of our studio has developed a mapping of the celebration. Jewelry work came out, as the project included a lot of small details. The dynamic image had to be evenly distributed over the complex shapes of the scenery. This required a wide screen behind the stage and separate designs for the two streaming digital floods.

The geometry of the image was influenced by the angle of light, the coincidence of the design with the drawing, the obstruction tools. To accurately and quickly select the angle and set the correct image correction are one of our core skills.
Our entire cr4ew took part in the development of the project. We created and set up content for the event, provided VJing.

We modeled the setup for the Liga Zakon AWARDS intro and the main splash screen. One of the brightest numbers was “Themis”. The choreographic performance moved the projection art picture of the performance across the stage.
Everything took place within the framework of the current legislation.