Medical | Animation Reel

3D medical animation is not just an advertising trick aimed to attract audience’s attention. It is an easy and efficient way to demonstrate how a drug works in human body, how a disease occurs or how a new life begins.

While creating an animation, Lumenstory utilizes a flexibility of the object scaling, which allows a viewer to immerse themselves in the world of nanoscale structures, to see movement of blood or to witness other biological processes that take place in a body. Over just a few seconds, an animation catches viewer’s attention, they focuses on the object and the whole world, previously hidden from the eye, can be seen.

Interesting facts: To visualize the fluid structure and simulate fluid’s movement, we use Houdini, an advanced 3d animation software, which was developed for creating special visual effects. With its help, we are able to zoom down to a molecular level, show close-up of the skin surface, demonstrate cross sectional view of blood vessels. In virtual reality, animation techniques enable us to slow down or speed up the biological processes.

3D visualization techniques can be used for educational purposes as they help to simplify and explain complex processes of a human body. Medical animation facilitates communication between doctor and patient allowing to demonstrate methods of treatment. 3d animation makes it possible to deconstruct a complicated device or a technology, to illustrate its features and explain to investors how it works. In general, 3D animation allows to turn complex technical information into exciting videos or slides and to attract audience‘s attention to a specific object.