Nunafab | Biocomposite

How can one describe a complex production process briefly and clearly without referring to technical documentation? Lumenstory has simplified the complex concept by creating an easy-to-understand video presentation with adherence to the technical specifications of NunaFoam production.

NunaFoam is a unique material for automotive seats that for the first time used HDPE nanofibers, which became the basis for further production of special foam. We made it possible to look deep inside the production process, in the video, we ’split’ the extruder and demonstrated how the spinneret works. Therefore, we turned all the complicated explanations into a clear visual with a high-quality animation of each constituent and comprehensive infographics.

Visualization was made in virtual space, but we incorporated some real-world details, such as light reflection on metal or a loop shape of real fabric. We included an animation of a real Volkswagen car assembly process, as the presentation was created specifically for the world-know automotive manufacturer.

Our client had a ready-made scenario, but we offered a more detailed plan, which better showcased the value and uniqueness of the product allowing us to maximize the start-up attractiveness to Volkswagen company as an investor. The voice-over was done by US-English native speaker.

We also developed a logo animation in a futuristic style. It represents the company’s philosophy of celebrating scientific and technical progress and delivering innovative technologies and advanced materials to provide solutions to environmental sustainability challenges.