1minute Projection Mapping in Odawara Castle - Dream Story

Our video mapping project for 1minute Projection Mapping at Odawara Castle in Japan.

Summary: Odawara Castle as a symbol: power, feudalism, war and new era. 

Conventionally, the history of the castle is divided into 3 periods: the construction, destruction and restoration of the castle.

Each period in its time symbolized a better future, a better life. The castle represents someone’s dream, pride, deed, memory, nature and the natural order of things.

The idea is that something that was not available to every person in the past, over time, became available in the next period. The idea also relies on such concepts in Japanese culture. Mujo – ephemerality, transience, volatility Nare – patina, traces of time Eugene – hidden beauty, mysterious beauty Fueki Ryuko – eternal, fluid, eternal in the current. Defining these concepts through the history and life of Odawar Castle, we thus determine the person, his history, his nature. Although history, like nature itself, is cyclical, something new is introduced with each cycle that can change a person, his lifestyle, his values.

The history of the castle , as well as the history of man,, repeating, but with each repetition, it is unique and amazing. Sometimes it brings joy, sometimes it brings suffering. But one thing is clear, that we have a story, that we exist in an amazing present and always strive for a beautiful future.