The first time in the arena, or rather at the banquet, elephants, strongmen, bears, attractions and other entertainers! You are welcomed by a light digital performance at your event.
On it, without being distracted from communication, you will see an honest circus that defeated the shadows. Our performance is friendly to the interior, decor and the main element of the event – its guests.
It’s only for you that we’ve created an atmosphere of performance that will leave an indelible impression on your memories. But it won’t leave anything on the walls. We make light and the same circus plays in it.
Our performance faced with a lot of difficulties this time.
It was not easy for our elephants to become alive for you. Among other things, we encountered geometric chimeras in the middle of the walls. Their fault was TVs! But at the beginning of the XX century they weren’t born. Our troupe covered them with an opaque fabric so that you will not find flaws even at an acute angle.
Our strongmen lift three-pound weights and other barbells easily. And this is all because of our crew wonders. Illusionism is our mission. Light and shadow are our friends and enemies to each other, whom we constantly reconcile. This is the magic of the circus!
Lumenstory are great hoaxers who will bring wandering artists to any home and even show them on city streets. The range includes animated acrobats, animal trainers, jugglers and other graduates of the circus school. We don’t keep live animals, sir. Only animation!
And most importantly – do not be afraid of clowns – they are also cartoonish.